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Christmas Wreaths Dallas TX | Call (469) 789-5440 For all your home and garden needs and especially your Gas Logs in Dallas TX, turn to Jacksons Home and Garden. Come see us today at: 6950 Lemmon Ave Dallas, TX 75209 Call us at (469) 789-5440

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Custom Floral Dallas TX | Call (469) 789-5440

If you are looking for something that will breathe new life into your home’s decor, consider custom floral in Dallas, TX from Jackson’s Home & Garden.  Custom floral arrangements are expressions of your taste and style and can be pieces of art that are unique to you and your home.  At Jackson’s Home & Garden, we know how to turn your ideas into designs that will brighten and beautify you home every day and for the holidays.  Call us today at (469) 789-5440 to find out about our stunning custom floralin Dallas, TX.  You can also visit us online at to learn more about how we design and make our arrangements.
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Christmas Wreaths Dallas TX | Call (469) 789-5440

Custom Christmas wreaths in Dallas, TX can help you celebrate the season with a warm and welcoming front door.  And when you help to create one or more wreaths yourself, you can express your personality and style as well.  At Jackson’s Home & Garden, we make beautiful, customChristmas wreaths in Dallas, TX that will show your friends and family that you’re ready to celebrate the holidays and the new year.  Find out what we can do for you by visiting us online at or by calling us at (469) 789-5440.  Happy holidays to you and yours from the staff at Jackson’s Home & Garden.
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Festive Christmas Wreaths in Dallas TX: Ideas for a Fun Holiday

It’s hard to imagine, but the holiday season is closer than you think. As you’ve probably noticed, there are Christmas items already in stock behind the Halloween items at the big box stores. Many companies are planning their holiday strategies even though fall is barely upon us. When it comes to planning your holiday decor, Christmas wreaths in Dallas TX are a tradition – despite the lack of snow. But how can warm-weather residents create a festive atmosphere in a place where a white Christmas rarely occurs? Follow these three tips to find out how to up your holiday game!
Design around existing decor

When developing a seasonal concept, it’s a good idea to start with that you already have. Not only will this allow the new decor to blend seamlessly with the old, it will also help keep budgets in check. Christmas wreaths in Dallas TX often feature flora native to the area or that’s representative of the culture. Adding a wreath with a southern twist is the perfect addition to your front door.
Develop a unique concept

Adding a Lone Star touch to Christmas wreaths in Dallas TX may seem a tad challenging, but creating a one-of-a-kind display is easier than you’d think. Look to crafting websites for inspiration. Professional florists and designers are also available to help ensure your vision comes alive. If you feel confident in your DIY skills, you may be able to finish the wreath yourself. Otherwise, feel free to buy your gorgeous centerpiece from the professionals.
Add a personalized touch

Creating and crafting your own festive holiday wreath in the South is exciting and allows home-owners to add a personal influence. After coming up with a concept and materials list for the wreath, think about how your family, religious affiliation and unique holiday spirit could be represented within the piece. Involving children in the wreath-design process will not only give the wreath a special glow, but also give your kids a sense of pride in their work. Go for a nature walk and allow children to pick out special items they would like to see in their special door hanger.
Find fun ornaments

Christmas ornaments in Dallas TX can bring wreaths from basic holiday to fabulously festive. Some families have traditions of adding new ornaments to their tree each year, often following a certain theme. This can also be applied to a Christmas wreath, particularly ones that are made of re-usable materials. Add a new bauble every year to signify all that your family has accomplished over the past year. You’ll be able to cherish the memories for years to come! Call Jacksons Home and Garden at (214) 350-9200 for more information today!

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Custom Floral for Dallas TX in Autumn

Custom Floral Dallas TXAll areas of interior design go through trends throughout the year, and custom floral for Dallas TX interiors is no exception. Though there are always annual trends, each season of the year offers the opportunity to change things up a bit to freshen the look of any room in your home. For example, autumn is about all things harvest, along with bold, hearty florals boasting warm fall shades such as yellow, orange, red, brown and sagey, mossy greens.
The terrific thing about custom floral arrangements Dallas TX designers love is the versatility. Quality, realistic silks can be incorporated into a variety of pieces other than basic arrangements. Wreaths, garland, and centerpieces are all custom florals that work their magic to transform the feel of any room or set the tone for any event. In fact, House Beautiful says that centerpieces are currently enjoying a renaissance. They enhance the experience of entertaining for hosts and guests alike and, when created for autumn, they set the seasonal mood. Incorporating reds and sagey, mossy greens into your wreaths and centerpieces means you can also rework it to transition the piece into your christmas decor in Dallas TX.
The vintage trend of mercury glass House Beautiful mentions is an ideal element to incorporate into an autumn centerpiece. The silvery look of the glass will complement rather than compete with the vibrant colors of the silks you choose. As for selecting the ideal flowers and other pieces for a fall centerpiece, hydrangeas, sunflowers, heather, pussy willows, cattails, sprigs of berries, and stalks of wheat look lovely together. Gourds, squash, and pumpkins are other harvest-y items that round out an autumn arrangement nicely. Pumpkins are even useful to incorporate into a fall custom floral design by using them as vases. A real pumpkin that has been embellished with a few light strokes of metallic gold paint harmonizes beautifully with a bouquet of chrysanthemums and sunflowers tied together with a wide satin ribbon in a coppery color.
If you love the idea of sprucing up your decor with custom floral designs but aren’t quite sure where to start, consult the experts at Jacksons Home and Garden. They are the custom floralprofessionals in Dallas TX who have the skill to create beautiful custom arrangements that express your individual taste and style. Specializing in designing exquisite floral arrangements for homes, events, and businesses, Jacksons Home and Garden can create anything from small centerpieces to stunning arrangements to seasonal and decorative wreaths. Whatever your vision for refreshing the look of your home or decorating for an event, Jacksons Home and Garden can help. Call them today at 469-789-5440.
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Christmas Decor In Dallas, TX: How To Make Your Mantel Shine

Christmas Decor Dallas TXWith Christmas closer than you think, it’s time you gave some thought to your Christmas decor in Dallas, TX.  The lights on the outside of your home and your tree inside are two of the things that probably stay the same year after year; but there’s one focal point of your home that you can have fun decorating differently for every season every year – your mantel.  Whether you have one fireplace or more scattered throughout your home, a mantel gives you the opportunity to make a big decorating splash without a lot of fuss.  When you get ready to head out to do your shopping for Christmas decor in Dallas, TX, keep these mantel decorating ideas in mind:
✦ Simple But Refined
If you’d like to keep your mantel decorating simple but you want it to look tasteful, start by draping your favorite strand of garland down the center.  Nestle two hurricane lamps, one on each end, into the garland and hang your stockings above the hearth with hooks that are concealed under the garland.  For an elegant touch, add hanging, metal initials to each stocking’s hook.
✦ Sophisticated And Natural
A sophisticated mantel is one that doesn’t look like a typical Christmas mantel.  Try using a garland of feathery cedar, which has a softer look than traditional garland, and a variety of sizes of pinecones nestled into the garland along with lemons and oranges for a splash of color and scent.  Finally, add white and green fresh flowers, like paperwhites and amaryllis, in terracotta containers.
✦ Vintage And Whimsical
Think 1950s for your vintage mantel and sprinkle artificial snow instead of heavy garland on your mantel.  Add some tinted mason jars filled with sparkling ornaments and retro or antique Christmas figurines like reindeers, snowmen and bottlebrush trees.  The final touch can be a vintage ‘Merry Christmas’ garland hung above the mantel.
✦ Personal And Colorful
Drape your favorite evergreen garland over the mantel and anchor it at each end with red carnations in silver cups.  For the rest of the decor, use family holiday photos in silver frames and Christmas cards you’ve received from friends and family.  If your children have favorite holiday toys, they can add them to the mantel decor to get the whole family involved.
When you’re shopping for Christmas decor in Dallas, TX, come to Jackson’s Home & Garden first for the best selection of decorative items, trees and more.  Call us at (214) 350-9200 for information or start your shopping online at
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Customize Your Holiday with a Christmas Wreath Designer in Dallas TX

It’s never too early to start planning for the holidays, and hiring a Christmas wreath designer in Dallas TX is a great way to distinguish your decorations from the neighbors’. Homeowners pay a lot of attention to outdoor and indoor lights, Christmas trees, ornaments and lawn decorations, but the front door wreath is often an afterthought.
As home Christmas displays get more elaborate and expensive, the demand for custom decorations increases. Store-bought Christmas wreathes may be made from synthetic materials and not have the look you desire. If you want something bold, fun or classy, you may need to hire a wreath designer to help you complete your Christmas display.
Use your imagination and write a list of ideas that a professional Christmas wreath designer in Dallas TX can turn into a beautiful door decoration. Make your home stand out this holiday season with a one-of-a kind Christmas wreath made with natural materials and designed with artistic flair.
Designers use many materials to fashion an original Christmas wreath. Poinsettias or other flowers, ribbons, pinecones, acorns, ferns, pepperberries and small bells are just a few of the components used in creative, custom-made wreaths.
High-end custom wreathes made by a Christmas wreath designer in Dallas TX give your Christmas display a touch of originality and class. Instead of copying what the neighbors do, or what you did last year, consider a custom wreath. If you don’t have any ideas, your designer can show you samples to perk your creativity. He or she will work with you to find the best design to complement your holiday display.
Some ideas for unique wreathes include one made of white carnations, white roses, pinecones and ivy berries for an elegant look. For a more festive, traditional Christmas look, a wreath may be made of holly, pine cones, spruce, red ribbons and cinnamon bundles. Many wreathes are fashioned from herbs and foliage tied with satin or velvet ribbons, and the herbs can be used for other decorations or room fresheners after the holiday season is over.
A Christmas wreath designer in Dallas TX from Jackson’s Home and Garden offers custom creations to enhance your holiday display. If you’re looking for out of the ordinary custom floral arrangements to decorate your front door – or anywhere in your home-you can trust an experienced designer from Jackson’s Home and Garden. We’ll create a breathtaking and festive Christmas wreath for you. Call us at 469-789-5440. In home consultations are available by appointment.

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Christmas Decor Dallas TX: Make Your Home Shine

Most of us love the holidays and part of that joy comes from having great Christmas decor for your Dallas TX home. Whether you like the traditional look or you like to spice it up a bit, the designers at Jacksons Home and Garden can help you pull together a look for your home or space that will make it shine. Don't waste any more time searching all over the Dallas Fort Worth area when all that you really need can be found at Jacksons Home and Garden. Call us today at 214-350-9200 or visit our website at to see more. We can't wait to help you with all your Christmas decor in Dallas TX.