Huwebes, Abril 7, 2016

Four Reasons to Love Teak Wood Patio Furniture Dallas This Year

teak wood patio furniture dallasSummer’s on the horizon, and you should be considering some teak wood patio furniture Dallas for your outdoor gatherings this year. It isn't too late to get your patio ready for Memorial Day, so here are just a few of the best reasons to give this durable and beautiful furniture a try.

Teak wood patio furniture Dallas is pest-resistant

Homeowners in the U.S. live under the constant threat of termite invasion---but teak patio furniture can guard you against unwanted pests. Truth be told, termites will still go for teak if they absolutely have to, but they have been shown to avoid it if they have other options.
One helpful way to make sure your teak furniture stays safe is to leave a random log---one that you don’t need or like---sitting around relatively close to your furniture (maybe out in the yard nearby). If you do have termites, then they will probably choose that instead of your teak furniture. While termites already don’t prefer teak wood, they generally won’t even touch the heartwood, opting instead to nibble on the outer layers.

Teak resists bad weather like none other
There’s a reason that ship builders have been requiring the services of teak wood for centuries. Teak has a much higher concentration of natural oils and rubber than other woods, and as a result, it stands up to water very well. Your teak wood patio furniture Dallas won’t merely have a one, two, or three-year lifespan---you should be fine for years to come.
In addition to resisting rain and weather, teak’s natural oils and rubber protect the heartwood from parasites and harmful fungi that so often plague the insides of other wood.

Teak is strong
Hardwoods generally last longer than softwoods, but your teak wood patio furniture Dallas will last even longer than other hardwoods. It’s worth the price because of a long lifespan, and it can stand up to whatever use you require of it.

Teak looks and feels great
Besides its more utilitarian functions, teak provides its owners with a wood that is always comfortable to the touch----never too hot or too cold. The wood also stays smooth longer than most hardwoods because of its natural oils, meaning you won’t get splinters when running your hands along it.

Many find its golden appearance to be appealing, and it remains attractive as it darkens with age.

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