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Four Reasons to Love Teak Wood Patio Furniture Dallas This Year

teak wood patio furniture dallasSummer’s on the horizon, and you should be considering some teak wood patio furniture Dallas for your outdoor gatherings this year. It isn't too late to get your patio ready for Memorial Day, so here are just a few of the best reasons to give this durable and beautiful furniture a try.

Teak wood patio furniture Dallas is pest-resistant

Homeowners in the U.S. live under the constant threat of termite invasion---but teak patio furniture can guard you against unwanted pests. Truth be told, termites will still go for teak if they absolutely have to, but they have been shown to avoid it if they have other options.
One helpful way to make sure your teak furniture stays safe is to leave a random log---one that you don’t need or like---sitting around relatively close to your furniture (maybe out in the yard nearby). If you do have termites, then they will probably choose that instead of your teak furniture. While termites already don’t prefer teak wood, they generally won’t even touch the heartwood, opting instead to nibble on the outer layers.

Teak resists bad weather like none other
There’s a reason that ship builders have been requiring the services of teak wood for centuries. Teak has a much higher concentration of natural oils and rubber than other woods, and as a result, it stands up to water very well. Your teak wood patio furniture Dallas won’t merely have a one, two, or three-year lifespan---you should be fine for years to come.
In addition to resisting rain and weather, teak’s natural oils and rubber protect the heartwood from parasites and harmful fungi that so often plague the insides of other wood.

Teak is strong
Hardwoods generally last longer than softwoods, but your teak wood patio furniture Dallas will last even longer than other hardwoods. It’s worth the price because of a long lifespan, and it can stand up to whatever use you require of it.

Teak looks and feels great
Besides its more utilitarian functions, teak provides its owners with a wood that is always comfortable to the touch----never too hot or too cold. The wood also stays smooth longer than most hardwoods because of its natural oils, meaning you won’t get splinters when running your hands along it.

Many find its golden appearance to be appealing, and it remains attractive as it darkens with age.

Are you convinced? Give us a call at (469) 789-5440 to learn more about a great teak selection for your patio

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Grill Store Dallas TX: Cooking the Perfect Steak-- Part 1

grill store dallas txOnce you’ve found your grill of choice from a grill store Dallas TX, how do you get the perfect steak? That’s a question that has eluded even the most dedicated “grill warriors” for a long time, but you can offer up a perfect steak to your guests just like any chef would.
In part one of our steak series, we’ll show you some contrasting opinions on one facet of perfect steak preparation: should you bring the steak to room temperature or not?

Grill Store Dallas TX: Cooking Steak at Room Temperature? Even Professional Chefs Don’t Agree

Many people grab the steak out of the fridge, shake some salt on it, and toss it on the grill. Others are careful to let their steaks come to room temperature---this can take up to 30 minutes---before they will place them on the grill. Which way is correct?
New York Magazine relied on David Walzog’s expertise when giving steak advice. Walzog suggests taking the steaks out of the refrigerator half an hour before grilling. On the other hand, ABC News quoted chef Michael Lomonaco as saying that room temperature steaks cook far too quickly. "When you cook with a room temperature steak, it cooks much faster,” said Lomonaco, according to ABC.  “Cooking with cold steaks allows you to control the temperature more, resulting in a perfectly cooked steak."

Patio Gas Grills Dallas: Find the Solution that Works for You

The end goal--a perfectly grilled steak--is the same, regardless of your feelings on the room temperature theory. Whether you bring the meat to room temperature or not, it's the temperature of the grill, not the temperature of the steak, that is most important when you’re getting started.
Chef Walzog recommends letting your grill remain closed for up to five full minutes after the coals have reached a proper heat level (when the coals are almost white). Placing your steaks on the grill after it has had a chance to reach this level of heat results in beautifully charred exterior without over-cooking the inside.
So, go ahead and experiment with grilling your steaks--try both the "straight from the fridge" method and the "room temperature method," and see which one you prefer. And don't forget to have your grill at the perfect temperature.
Up next on the grill store Dallas TX blog, we will look at the myths (or truths) behind seasoning your steak in advance. If you need to find a propane grill Dallas (or even a classic charcoal grill), stop by Jacksons Home & Garden, or call us at (469) 789-5440. We’d love to help get your summer started!

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Big Green Egg Dealer Dallas TX: What The Big Green Egg Can Do

big green egg dealer dallas txIf you love to barbecue and you’ve never heard of the Big Green Egg or BGE, the best ceramic cooker on the market, it’s time you discovered what you’re missing by visiting your Big Green Egg dealer Dallas TX, Jackson’s Home & Garden.  What makes the BGE so special?  Its design is based on traditional Japanese kamado ceramic ovens and BGE lovers, who call themselves Eggheads, will tell you that they light faster than other grills, require less charcoal and hold and distribute heat more evenly than standard grills, which makes meat cooked on them extremely moist and succulent.  The other feature that Eggheads like about their Big Green Eggs is their versatility.  BGEs can be used to cook in a variety of ways that include:

Big Green Egg Grill Dallas:  Grilling And Searing

Grilling on the BGE is fairly simple and straightforward and is the most common way the Big Green Egg is used for cooking.  Charcoal is placed in the firebox and lit, using paraffin, electric or other fire starters; then the cooking grid is placed on top of the fire ring and your BGE is ready to grill.  The high temperatures you can get with your Egg means you can get a great sear on your meat.

Big Green Egg Dallas TX:  Indirect-Heat Cooking And Smoking

Smoking and indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg requires the plate setter accessory, a 3-legged ceramic circle that creates a firewall between the charcoal and the food.  This cooking technique produces the most dramatic results because the flavor and tenderness of meat cooked “low and slow” are unmatched.  Not only does the place setter ensure that food doesn’t cook too quickly, it also ensures that it cooks evenly so that there’s no rotation needed.  If you use your BGE to smoke or for indirect-heat cooking you only need to light a small portion of your charcoal because it will burn slowly across the firebox for many hours.

Big Green Egg Dealer Dallas TX:  Baking

Unlike standard grills, the Big Green Egg can be used like a brick oven or even like a tandoor, a traditional Indian oven.  Pizza and bread baked in the BGE have the same flavor you’d get from a brick oven because it can achieve even higher temperatures than your gas or electric oven.  As with smoking, baking requires the plate setter accessory.  A baking stone can also be used for the best results possible.  The plate setter is placed legs-up on the fire ring with the cooking grid on top of it.  The baking stone is placed on top of the grid and allowed to preheat for about a half hour.  If a stone is unavailable, a metal baking sheet with do.

If you’re ready to learn more about the Big Green Egg and how it can change the way you grill, come see us at Jackson’s Home & Garden, your Big Green Egg dealer Dallas TX.  Visit us online at or call us at (469) 789-5440.

Caring for Teak Patio Furniture Dallas is Easy: What to Know

Teak patio furniture Dallas is easy to care for. Call Jacksons Home & Garden at (469) 789-5440 to find out about our great selection.

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Big Green Egg Dealer Dallas TX: What Makes the Egg So Great?

Take your outdoor grilling to the next level by visiting Jacksons Home & Garden, your Big Green Egg dealer Dallas TX. Call (469)789-5440 today.

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Lynx Outdoor Grill Dallas TX: 4 Lynx Grill Accessories You Need

Summer is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to purchase a Lynx Outdoor Grill Dallas TX.  If you already have a Lynx Grill, then you know how easy and fun they are to cook on, and if you don’t have one, you’ll soon find out.  In fact, once you get your grill, you’ll use any excuse to use it because it’s so versatile that you can grill everything from fish to veggies to whole turkeys; the results you get will have everyone talking about your cooking skills.  But to make sure that you’re getting everything out of your Lynx grill, check out these accessories that you don’t want to be without:

1 - Lynx Professional Grills Dallas TX:  ProSear Pod
Most Lynx gas grills have optional or included ProSear infrared burners for searing meat.  But if you don’t want an infrared burner taking up space on your main grilling surface, Lynx also offers separate side burner Pods for infrared grilling.  If your Lynx grill is built into your outdoor kitchen, you can get a 30” infrared Pod.  If yours is a movable, cart-mounted grill, you can get a smaller side Pod.  The ProSear Pods offer great temperature control, a removable drip pan, and stainless steel cooking grates.  An included stainless steel cover protects the Pod when it’s not in use.

2 - Lynx Professional Grills Dallas TX:  Side Burners
For extra cooking options, single and double side burners can be added to the side of almost any built-in or cart-mounted grill.  These burners offer 15,000 BTUs of heat and have an optional wok grate.  The double side burner available for built-in grills incorporates a maple cutting board and an extra-deep utility drawer for utensils.  It’s also large enough to accommodate a griddle plate accessory.

3 - Lynx Professional Grills Dallas TX:  Griddle Plate
The griddle plate is a flat, smooth cooking surface that can be placed on top of your side burners or right on your grill grates.  It gives you the option of making everything you would normally make on a flat-top, like pancakes, omelettes, bacon and hash browns, which you can’t make on a grill.  The griddle plate delivers consistent heat across its surface.   

4 - Lynx Outdoor Grill Dallas TX:  Warming Drawer
For built-in systems, a 30-inch warming drawer can go from 90 to 220 degrees to keep food warm or hot before serving.  With the warming drawer, you won’t have to keep food wrapped in foil after cooking for warming in the oven in your kitchen.

If you can almost taste the food you’ll be cooking on your Lynx Outdoor Grill Dallas TX, it’s time to visit us at Jacksons Home & Garden at to see our selection.  To get even more information on our complete line of Lynx and other quality outdoor grills, call us at (469) 789-5440.

Teak Patio Furniture Dallas: What to Know about Caring For Teak Wood

teak patio furniture dallasTeak patio furniture Dallas does not need a lot of care to keep it protected, making it a wonderful choice in garden furniture. As a strong hardwood, teak is a terrific type of wood for outdoor furniture. If let outside to weather, teak can develop a beautiful silver patina.

Teak Patio Furniture Dallas: Cleaning Your Teak Furniture

Your teak furniture should be cleaned periodically to remove any dirt or residue from the wood surface. In a bucket, mix Murphy’s Oil Soap with warm water. Immerse a soft microfiber cloth into the soapy water. Remove the cloth and squeeze out any excess liquid. Gently wipe the wood with your damp cloth. Rinse the furniture with clean clear water. Do not use a power washer, as the force could damage the wood. Once all of the residue has been removed, buff the surface with a dry cloth. Any difficult areas should be scrubbed with a soft brush. Do not use steel wool to remove residue, as the bristles may leave scratches on the wood surface. Keep in mind that it is best to remove residue from the wood as soon as possible. Wipe off stains as they happen. Bird deposits can be particularly damaging and can lead to permanent stains in the wood. You can brighten your teak furniture by applying a brightening product specifically for teak wood. Apply a sealant to the wood each spring to protect the surface from damage caused by the elements.

Teak Wood Patio Furniture Dallas: Oiling Your Teak Furniture

It is not necessary to treat your teak wood with oil. While it will enhance the shine of the surface, it will not prolong the life of the furniture. In fact, oiling your teak can potentially cause irregular color patterns in the wood and can increase the potential for mildew to develop.

Storing Your Teak Furniture in Dallas

Your teak furniture can be stored outside without a cover, even during freezing temperatures. However, it is important to protect it from heavy loads of snow and strong winds. If you decide to cover your furniture, be sure to use a fabric that provides good ventilation. Do not cover it in plastic tarps or wrap it tightly. This will prevent the flow of air and may lead to mildew growth. Keep your furniture off of any wet ground as this can also damage the wood. Should you decide to store your furniture indoors, choose a spot that is dry and unheated.
For a great selection of teak patio furniture Dallas, visit Jacksons Home & Garden. Call us at (469) 789-5440, or come in and see us today!