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Wood Patio Furniture Dallas: Why Pick Wood For Your Outdoor Space?

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Get Your Patio Furniture in Dallas Ready For Spring

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If you want to create a beautiful yard with a relaxing atmosphere, you may want to shop for patio furniture in Dallas TX. Getting the right furniture is important. You want more than just an eye pleasing yard, but you should also be looking for comfort while enjoying the outdoors.
Think of those warm summer nights, enjoying a book in a comfy patio chair. Think of the fall nights you will spend around the bonfire, in your patio furniture. What about the parties you will host in your well manicured back yard? Here are some patio furniture tips Dallas to consider when it comes to creating a relaxing yard.

Picking Patio Furniture in Dallas TX

When it comes to buying outdoor furniture you want to make sure you get items that can withstand the weather where you live. You want furniture that is made for humidity, heat, rain, and items that will stay in place when it gets windy out. You also want furniture that is easy to clean and take care of, so it can continue to look as nice as the day you bought it.

Decorating For Ambiance

Furniture isn’t the only important thing when it comes to your back (or front) yard patio. You also want the right lighting, things to keep the bugs away, and items for your entertainment. Think about getting some tiki torches, which can add ambiance and can also help keep the bugs out if you choose an option with citronella oil in them. Also, consider white twinkle or Christmas lights, or rope lights in your favorite color for some added flair.
As far as entertainment, being able to listen to fun and relaxing music is often a part of any gathering, so you’ll need speakers that can attach to your indoor stereo system. That may also mean a nice grill worthy of cooking for your family and company. If you plan to have a lot of parties on your patio, consider setting up a tiki bar with matching bar stools or other patio furniture Dallas so your guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

Keeping Your Lawn Looking Gorgeous

While you are enjoying outdoor time on your patio you want to make sure your view is a good one too. Be thoughtful about your landscaping. Consider putting in flower beds, having a fountain or koi pond put in, and make sure to keep your lawn mowed and maintained. You can also snazz up your lawn with decorative items like garden gazing balls, statuary, and benches.
Great patio furniture in Dallas TX can help you have the most comforting patio and backyard, for you, for your family, and all of your guests. For tips on finding the best patio furniture, visit Jacksons Home & Garden at jacksonshg.com.
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Winter is here, and if youre already missing the warm backyard fun of summer, then its time to start thinking about getting a patio heater Dallas TX. Everyone loves late spring and summer because of the warm sunshine. For most of us, summer doesnt seem long enough. In the winter, when you have to wait for a year to feel the warmth of the sun again, summer seems like just a dream.
With a patio heater Dallas TX, you can still enjoy outdoors, even in winter. Imagine spending leisure time on your veranda or patio during the winter season, hosting a barbecue, drinking wine or just sitting on your porch while breathing in the winter air, feeling as warm and cozy outside as you do inside. Here are some of the reasons to consider buying a patio heater this winter:
Patio Heater Dallas TX: Prolong Summer
Dont leave your Dallas patio furniture unused during the winter months. With patio heaters, you can extend the amount of time you enjoy your patio. You can have friends over for a barbecue, or simply sit on your veranda sipping coffee on a winter morning.
Save Heat
By purchasing an energy-efficient electric patio heater, you can save on your heating costs.
Safer Choice Than Fire
Using an electric heater is safe for the environment and for you. Well-equipped patio heaters have safety features to prevent fires and limit risk.
Different Levels of Warmth
In Texas, you never know what the weather will be like from day to day. With an adjustable thermostat on your patio heater, you can enjoy a day outside on the cold days, and even those unexpectedly warm Texas winter days.
Alleviate Cabin Fever
Staying in your house all winter can cause you stress and tension. Getting out once in a while is refreshing for you and your family, offering a much-needed break from being inside all day, every day.
Call Jacksons Home & Garden for Quality Patio Heaters
When you are ready to find the perfect patio heater Dallas TX, call Jacksons Home & Garden. We have a wide array of patio heaters that will fit your yard and your budget.  We can offer recommendations and offer customized heaters to meet your specific needs. At Jacksons Home & Garden, we have everything you need to make your home and garden beautiful and ready for entertaining. Were experts in the Dallas area, so we know what works best for your outdoor environment. Call 469-789-5440 today.
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Patio Store Dallas: 5 Patio Accessories You Need This Spring

Think it’s too early in the year to head to your favorite patio store Dallas?  In Texas, it’s never too early to start thinking about outdoor cooking and entertaining, and it’s never too early to gather all the tools, equipment, furniture and accessories you’ll need to keep your friends and family entertained and well-fed.  According to the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, 80 percent of all U.S. households own a grill or smoker and, if that 80 percent includes you, you should know that there are a few patio/grilling accessories you may have overlooked but that you’re going to need this spring:
Patio Store Dallas :  Solar-Powered Lights
Entertaining in the spring, summer and fall in Texas can extend well into the night, and that’s where solar-powered string lights come in.  With a string or two of solar-powered lights on your patio, you won’t have to worry about plugging in your lights or replacing batteries - your lights will come on automatically when the sun goes down.  And solar-powered lights come in a variety of colors and shapes to match any kind of patio decor.
Patio Furniture Texas:  Grill Lights
While you’re adding lights to your patio, why not add a light to your grill.  A well-placed, high-intensity light that attaches to your grill will let you continue cooking steaks, burgers and more after dark.  A grill light is also a big help when you need to clean your grill after all of your guests are gone at the end of the night.
Patio Store Dallas:  Portable Drink Tables
Small, portable drink tables that attach to your deck railing will come in handy when you have a lot of guests and not all of them can fit around a central table.  Unlike TV trays or other free-standing tables you can add to your patio or deck, hanging drink tables won’t get knocked over by small children, and they can be hung on the inside or outside of your railings.
Dallas Patio Store:  Grill Grids
Grids, baskets, pans and woks let you grill just about any kind of food that would normally fall through the grates, especially small items like shrimp, chopped vegetables and tender meats that fall apart easily.  Once you start using these accessories that allow you to prepare everything you need for your meal on your grill, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.        
Patio Store Dallas:  Food Covers
The only summer guests you’ll want buzzing around your food this year are your friends and family -- not flies and bees.  Mesh food covers keep bugs and debris off your food, and since most are designed to pop up when you use them, they store compactly. They also come in many different colors and have whimsical designs that will make your outdoor dining tablescape fun.
Are you ready to make your patio and grill shine this year?  Come see us at the best patio store Dallas, Jackson’s Home & Garden.  Call us at (469) 789-5440 to learn more about how we can help you accessorize your patio.